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10/22/2008 (18:00 h)


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Cobrador: In God We Trust

film screening

This Paul Leduc film—based on Rubem Fonseca’s short stories “O Cobrador,” “Passeio Nocturno,” “Cidade de Deus” and “Placebo”—received several nominations and the Silver Ariel from the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts for best adapted screenplay. Characters scattered in space, strangers amongst themselves, intertwine to form part of the same plot, the same "thriller" where the identity of the killer is not a question—for they all are—as all are caught in the same system which conditions and destroys them. Globalization’s violence or violence’s globalization? Serial killers or social killers? A mine in Brazil … murders in New York City … more in Miami … what ties them together?


UNAM Film Series. film series


Title: Cobrador
Director: Paul Leduc
Year made: 2006
Format: DVD
Duration: largometraje - 92 min
País producción Argentina

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