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9/23/2009 (18:30 h)


Instituto Cervantes - Sala de actos
31 W. Ohio St.
60654 Chicago Illinois

Renaissance lute concert by José Miguel Moreno


José Miguel Moreno is one of the very few artists in the world who is capable of playing vihuelas, the renaissance lute, baroque lute, and all types of guitars with the same mastery. When José Miguel Moreno plays, the silence is absolute. He is one of those artists whcreates magic on stage, and he knows how to captivate his audience. He plays for the public and with the public as they enter his world of music. His repertoire covers four centuries, and he is one of the greatest artists in the world. In this field, José Miguel Moreno is recognized worldwide as one of the major current specialists.  He has also developed unique teaching activities, and has been invited to share them at the most prestigious universities and conservatoires in the world.   The program will include English, French, and Spanish music with the renaissance lute.  


Work: Tan que vivray, Gaillarde
Compositor/a: P. Attaignant
Work: Fantasia de consonancias y redobles
Compositor/a: L. Milán
Work: Passemèze, Gaillarde
Compositor/a: A. le Roy
Work: Mille regrez
Compositor/a: Josquin des Pres
Work: Baxa de contrapunto, Diferncias de Conde Claros
Compositor/a: L. de Narváez
Work: Passamezzo antiguo, Romanesca, Passamezzo moderno
Compositor/a: D. Ortiz
Work: Diferencias sobre La Dama le Demanda
Compositor/a: A . de Cabezón
Work: A. de Mudarra
Compositor/a: Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa a la manera de Ludovico


José Miguel Moreno

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