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General Objective

Understand and speak in various situations, not necessarily familiar to the learner, which require an exchange of information and personal opinions with complex linguistic structures. Interact spontaneously in different scenarios. Master different language registers, both oral and written.

Specific Objective

  • Listening: The student will be able to understand the general content and the details of basic conversations held by native speakers on topics not necessarily familiar to the learner. To understand items of news from the Mass Media, telephone messages and other public messages.
  • Speaking: The student will be able to participate by setting out opinions and attitudes in a practical and adequate way in conversations on familiar topics.
  • Reading: The student will be able to understand the general content and basic details from texts of diverse kinds on topics not necessarily familiar to the learner.
  • Writing: The student will be able to produce texts of varied complexity in different registers and formats, related to topics which are familiar to the learner.

Advanced 1 (B2/1)

Communicative Contents:

  • Describe people physically and emotionally
  • Express changes in people
  • Express happiness and satisfaction, sadness and sorrow
  • Encourage and reassure
  • Request and provide personal information
  • Evaluate people´s personalities
  • Obtain and discuss data from different texts
  • Write a report. Organize ideas. Express consequence
  • Talk about past facts and activities
  • Connect past and present events
  • Persuade and convince
  • Express the point of view of a narrative text in the past
  • Express and defend one´s own idea
  • Express unlikely wishes
  • Express unlikely conditions and their consequences
  • Evaluate facts and situations

Advanced 2 (B2/2)

Communicative Contents:

  • Narrate past stories and events
  • Describe places: Refer to geographical or historical places
  • Ask for and give advice. Respond to advice
  • Correct erroneous information
  • Establish connections between past events
  • Give precise definitions of tools and objects
  • Give instructions
  • Leave messages
  • Express opinions and use counter-argument techniques.
  • Criticize
  • Express agreement and disagreement
  • Express different levels of certainty
  • Talk about unreal occurrences or hypothetical situations in the present and their consequences
  • Make and react to hypotheses

Advanced 3 (B2/3)

Communicative Contents:

  • Repeat, narrate and summarize the words of other people
  • Refer information already mentioned
  • Give instructions with different degrees of persistence
  • Give advice
  • Express likes and feelings
  • Clarify one´s own words
  • Discuss one´s own and other people´s ideas
  • Put forward, reject, comment, negate and accept arguments

Advanced 4 (B2/4)

Communicative Contents:

  • Expressions to talk about degrees of comprehension of a message
  • Expressions to talk about good and bad relationships. Attributes and defects
  • Organize a text
  • Logical ways of linking arguments
  • Express willingness and impersonal actions
  • Describe abstract qualities
  • Describe concrete images
  • Evaluate and assess known information
  • Express different degrees of probability for future and past actions
  • Establish the condition for the completion of an action
  • Contrast and assess argumentations

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