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General Objective

Students will acquire a general knowledge of the basic grammar contents along with a socio-cultural view of the Spanish speaking countries; they will also achieve basic receptive and productive skills both in the oral and in the written language.

Specific Objective

  • Listening: The student will be able to understand oral messages on material needs, physical sensations and personal opinions in a simple, explicit way.
  • Speaking: The student will be able to produce statements concerning basic needs, physical sensations, opinions and feelings.
  • Reading: The student will be able to understand the gist of short texts concerning topics the student is familiar with.
  • Writing: The student will be able to write short notes using simple statements with basic link words.

Beginning 1 (A1/1)

Communicative Contents:

  • Greet people and say goodbye
  • Introduce oneself
  • Spell words
  • Request personal information about nationalities, languages spoken and professions
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Introduce people
  • Talk about family members, marital status and age
  • Describe people: Physical appearance and personality
  • Express existence
  • Identify, differentiate and specify
  • Interact in shops: buy things and ask for prices
  • Describe locations
  • Describe houses and their rooms

Beginning 2 (A1/2)

Communicative Contents:

  • Give directions on how to get to places
  • Answer the phone. Start a telephone conversation
  • Talk about shows, timetables and show locations
  • Talk about daily habits
  • Accept and decline invitations. Arrange appointments
  • Talk about likes and preferences
  • Express pain
  • Ask about people´s health
  • Order at a restaurant. Ask waiters for services or things
  • Describe what clothes people are wearing
  • Make comparisons
  • Buy clothes
  • Wish people a happy birthday
  • Give and receive presents
  • Offer and refuse food and beverages
  • Apologize and give excuses
  • Talk about the past
  • Talk about the recent past, and about plans and intentions
  • Talk about personal experiences
  • Express opinion: agreement and disagreement

Beginning 3 (A2/1)

Communicative Contents:

  • Talk about jobs and education
  • Express personal likes
  • Talk about the time
  • Talk about the weather
  • Talk about timetables
  • Talk about daily routines and weekend activities
  • Specify when and how often we do things
  • Express frequency of events
  • Talk about transport networks
  • Talk about what one is doing
  • Ask and talk about physical and emotional states
  • Express pain
  • Offer, accept and reject something
  • Make, accept and reject suggestions
  • Express and enquire about degrees of certainty
  • Express knowledge and degrees of certainty
  • Ask about the existence of places and their location
  • Give information about these places
  • Give information regarding distances
  • Give directions

Beginning 4 (A2/2)

Communicative Contents:

  • Talk about the past
  • Talk about people´s lives
  • Express preferences
  • Make comparisons
  • Request and give information about means of transportation
  • Express need or obligation
  • Request, give and refuse permission
  • Request, give and refuse permission, favours
  • Ask for things. Accept or refuse
  • Borrow things. Refuse and accept to lend things

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